Dry Locker Hockey Bag - Sports Bag

PLUG + DRY = PLAY with our patent pending air dry system.
Dry your equipment in approximately 2 hours!

Drylocker uses only fast drying natural room temperature air and therefore will never harm or damage your equipment unlike constant heat use which overtime will break down rubber, leather and other material.

Due to our patent pending technology, you will never have a "stinky or smelly" hotel room or basement again, due to drying hockey equipment. You will never forget equipment at home or play with wet equipment again.

Your Drylocker is made with:

For maximum drying performance and quicker drying time, we recommend the following:


Suggested Placement

It is recommended that a spray on disinfectant/deodorizer will help maintain your equipments life after a standard cleaning at your local sports shop of specialty laundry service


For maximum performance from filters it is recommended that they are replaced every 6 to 8 months or the start of every new sporting season


Never wash or get fast dry fan wet, may cause damage or electrical shock. Keep fan guards on at all times for your protection


For any questions, or are in need of filters, fans, parts or disinfectant/deodorizer sprays please email:

Straight Up Skate Pockets

Super Fan

Telescopic Handle (Jr. Wheel Bags Only)

Embroidered Logos